A4 Indy Flyers - give them the information they're not getting

Many voters have swallowed the media myth that Holyrood is ‘the most powerful devolved government in the world’. This is far from the truth, with most of the major financial and infrastructure powers retained fully in control of Westminster.

Here are some useful briefing documents that you can download and print to distribute to friends, family and work colleagues to open their eyes about the reality of hobbled Holyrood. Only independence will give Scotland the full powers that normal, modern countries have to run their economy for the benefit of their people.

Professional print versions: for bulk-printing by professional print companies - 300dpi CMYK PDF files with 3mm bleed.

Home-printing versions: 4-up on A4 sheet ready for easy home printing on inkjet or laser printers.


is there anything that bettertogether warned would happen to and independent scotland that hasn't happened anyway?

broken promises versus a clean slate

Download professional print PDF version - A6 size for bulk-printing by a print company

Download home-printing inkjet/laser version - Front - (4-up on A4 - JPEG image)
Download home-printing inkjet/laser version - Back - (4-up on A4 - JPEG image)

devo versus indy (front) - why scotgov is hobbled
A5 folded leaflet - front: (view larger version)

devo versus indy (back) - why scotgov is hobbled
A5 folded leaflet - back: (view larger version)

a5 letterfold leaflet
Download print-ready A5 letter-fold leaflet artwork file

(print-ready PDF, 300dpi, CMYK, with 3mm bleed. 25mb file)

“Why doesn’t Holyrood do X, Y or Z to block Tory cuts?”

This new A5 leaflet provides simple clarification of an issue that often puzzles voters - which powers are devolved to Scotland and which reserved to Westminster?