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As well as designing all of the leaflets, flyers and posters on this site, I also have many of them printed in 1000s at my own cost for distribution to various Yes groups to help their campaigning.

However, my own funds are very limited. If you would like to help fund some of the printing so that I can print and distribute even more, please make a donation. ALL of your donation will be spent solely on printing and distribution costs.


7th November 2017 - My next printing project: having 5,000 of each of these A6 card designs
printed for distribution to Yes groups? Can you make a small donation to help me fund this?

richard murphy - journey to yes mike dailly - journey to yes
a c grayling - journey to yes hilary & carey, farmers - journey to yes
tom morton - journey to yes jackie kemp - journey to yes
simon pia - journey to yes the power grab




** Thanks to generous donations, I've had 30,000 of this leaflet design below printed
and they will be distributed to Yes groups through November. **

devo versus normal powers of an independent country

scotland hobbled, hamstrung powers as part of the uk