Useful Scottish Independence Links

With 'Leave' winning the UK Brexit vote, but Scotland voting firmly to stay in the EU, the independence campaign is ramping up again. Here are some useful links - some for 'old' Yes resources, some for new projects.

IndyRefAnswers - still a fantastic respource featuring simple, clear answers to all of the core questions about Scottish Indepdence, including Currency, Defence, Economy, Oil & Energy, Pensions, Taxation and much more. Not been updated since 2014, but hopefully soon will be.

The Wee Blue Book - The Facts the Papers Leave Out: Download a FREE 50-page booklet - all your questions about independence answered in a in a handy wee reference guide. Available to download for smartphones/tablets, desktop computers and in Kindle and Ebook versions. This will no doubt be updated ready for indyref2.

Key Information

The Scottish Government's 'Scotland's Future' White paper - you can download the full document in PDF format (13mb) or in eBook format, or view as web pages. Compare this to the single web page that the Leave campaign launched just 8 days before the Brexit vote!!

National Yes Registry - The idea is simple. Get all the existing pro-Indy grass-root activist groups, no matter how geographically disparate, linked together in a practical and mutually supportive campaigning network. This network should be collectively owned and run by each of its autonomous membership groups.

Scottish News, Politics and Independence Blog Sites

Wings Over Scotland - Wings Over Scotland is a Scottish political website, which focuses particularly on the media – whether mainstream print and broadcast organisations or the online and social-network community – as well as offering its own commentary and analysis. Merciless deconstruction of media spin, political 'feet of clay', and the facts behind indy issues such as NHS provision, border controls, and the move from being pro-union to pro-indy.

Bella Caledonia - Bella Caledonia is an online magazine exploring ideas of independence, self-determination and autonomy. Regular and thought-provoking articles.

NewsNet Scotland - The Newsnet Scotland site was set up in order to address what it's writers believed to be an imbalance in the reporting of Scottish News and Current Affairs. Up-to-date Scottish political stories in a web 'tabloid' format, with a fine turn in really detailed investigative analysis. See also their 'A to Z of Independence - sorting myth from fact'.

Business For Scotland - A 250+ member business organisation which believes that Scotland’s economy, business community and nation as a whole will be better off as an independent country. A key project is to help provide the Scottish SME business community with facts and educated opinions so they can make an informed vote in the 2014 Referendum.

Derek Bateman, Broadcaster - Entertaining blog examining the independence referendum, BBC Scotland and pro-Union bias in a robust and acerbic manner. Recommended.

Scotland2060 - A Norwegian assessment of Scotland's future prosperity as an independent country.

Other Scottish Independence Groups, Organisations and Parties

Common Weal - A movement which is developing a vision for economic and social development in Scotland which is distinct and different from the political orthodoxy that dominates politics and economics in London. Common Weal is an old Scots phrase meaning both ‘wealth shared in common’ and ‘for the wellbeing of all’.

SNP (Scottish National Party) - currently Scotland's governing party.

Scottish Greens - guided by four interconnected principles - ecology, equality, radical democracy and peace and non-violence.

Yes Highland - newly relaunched Yes Highland website: The ideas and aspirations to build a better Scotland didn't end in September 2014 when we lost the referendum. Join us as we discuss and debate the ideas which will help us win the next independence referendum.

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