You Yes Yet? - posters, page 3

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ireland buys accs to the bbc for 21m. scotland pays 288m. time to rethink. tories: great news that fracking to proceed in yorkshire. hopefully scotland will follow shortly.

the tory 'mandate' to govern the uk bissett: the tories have taken advantage of the no vote. the were always going to.

and yet we're told scotland is unique in being the only former-uk country unable to manage its own affairs rejected by voters. 'elected' to the house of lords by 3 unelected libdem peers

cameron on scotland: i just don't care. let labour sort it out. it's now their problem ian duncan smith - i'm tired of hearing that we're too small, too little to stand alone

grayling: 'we don't currently have the full levers to make decisions in the interests of our country gove: are we really too small, too weak and too powerless to make a success of self-rule

derek bateman - scotland as a nation without statehood is rare indeed tories plan to cap amount of state benefit for families - except for one

scotland is unique in being the only country that can't manage its own affairs murdo fraser - hopefully scotland will proceed with fracking

ruth davidson - a no vote means scotland stays in the eu ruth davidson, tory - no means no, scotland.